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Impregnating castings with polyester resin

Impregnating castings with polyester resin

Indimp impregnates industrial castings (both ferrous and non-ferrous) with polyester resin to make porous castings pressure-tight. We can impregnate both microporous and macroporous surfaces. We treat not just small castings but also major components of larger than 1 metre, which no-one else in Europe does besides us.

Indimp is expert on porous materials

If your product is porous, then you can have its components impregnated by Indimp either immediately after casting or immediately after finishing. The impregnation leaves no visible trace, and the process can also be applied when a product is to be painted or anodised. This improves the end result because it stops chemicals penetrating the pores.

Impregnation of castings for foundries and engineering plants

Our services are called upon by many different sectors and for various applications. Our direct customers are foundries and engineering plants, and the parts they entrust to us are for the automotive, telecom, shipping, engineering and petrochemical industries.

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