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How the process works

Keen to know how our process makes your product more durable?

We are only too glad to let you know how it works.

  1. Your product is placed in an autoclave (a tank) with a capacity of no less than 6,000 litres.
  2. The autoclave is vacuum-pumped and then filled with polyester resin without breaking the vacuum seal. The pores of your castings are filled with polyester resin in this vacuum.
  3. The castings are fully immersed in the resin.
  4. After this, the liquid is pressurised so that even the tiniest pores on your casting are filled with it.
  5. Once the pores are full, the residues of the impregnating fluid are chemically removed.
  6. The castings are now furnace-ready. There, the resin is heat-hardened.

The whole process of impregnation is entirely automated. While it is in process, our system makes detailed records of all stages, so that a reliable record is kept of the status of each treatment.

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